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Have you chosen the right CNC cutting machine model?


Have you chosen the right Cnc Cutting Machine model?

With the advancement of technological innovation technology, CNC Cutting Machine equipment has been continuously innovated. From manual cutting to CNC Flame Cutting Machine, Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine to highly respected Laser Cutting Machine, the selection space of cutting equipment is also growing, but Which cutting machine is the right choice? Shandong Bloor Intelligent Technology has been engaged in the production of CNC cutting equipment for many years. Now we will briefly analyze the difference between CNC flame cutting machine and other equipment in order to more accurately select the products needed for production.

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Compared with laser cutting machines, CNC flame cutting machines are not as good as laser cutting machines in terms of cutting speed, cutting accuracy and cutting material types.

Compared with plasma cutting machines, CNC flame cutting machines have lower temperatures when cutting than plasma cutting, which makes the cutting rate less than that of CNC plasma cutting machines, and it is impossible to cut stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.

CNC flame cutting machine is not suitable for production, the answer is of course NO.

Compared with the above two machine modles, the numerical control flame cutting machine has a small production investment and the price is more than 5 times lower than the laser cutting machine; the processing thickness is large, the cutting thickness can reach 200mm, which is about 10 times of the thickness of the plasma cutting; it is suitable for the precision requirement. In the low roughing industry, cutting equipment and cutting costs are relatively low.

CNC Flame Metal Cutting Machine

CNC flame cutting machine

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