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Main cutting specifications for CNC plasma cutting machines


The improper use of Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine will directly affect the stability, cutting quality and effect of the cutting process. Blol Intelligent specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of Laser Cutting Equipment, welding equipment, CNC systems and functional components. Learn about the main cutting specifications for CNC plasma cutting machines.

1. No-load voltage and arc column voltage

When the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is operated, the no-load voltage of the power supply must be high enough to facilitate arc ignition and stabilize the plasma arc. The no-load voltage is usually 120-600V, and the arc voltage is usually half of the no-load voltage. Increasing the arc column voltage can significantly increase the power of the plasma arc, thereby increasing the cutting speed and cutting a larger thickness of sheet metal. However, the arc voltage cannot exceed 65% of the no-load voltage, otherwise the plasma arc will be unstable.


2. Cutting current

Increasing the cutting current also increases the power of the plasma arc, but it is limited by the maximum allowable current, which would otherwise cause the plasma arc column to become thicker, the kerf width to increase, and the electrode life to decrease.

3. Gas flow

Increasing the gas flow not only increases the arc column voltage, but also enhances the compression of the arc column to make the plasma arc energy more concentrated and the ejection force stronger, thereby improving the cutting speed and quality. However, if the gas flow rate is too large, the arc column becomes short, and the heat loss heat increases, so the cutting ability is weakened until the cutting process is not performed normally.

4. Cutting height

The height of the cutting tip refers to the distance from the end face of the cutting tip to the surface of the workpiece being cut. This distance is usually 4-10 mm. It should be suitable for the distance of the electrode shrinkage to fully utilize the cutting efficiency of the plasma arc.

5. Cutting speed

The cutting speed should be as high as possible while ensuring the quality of the cut. This not only increases the productivity of the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, but also reduces the amount of deformation of the cut parts and the heat affected area of the slotted area. If the cutting speed is not suitable, the effect is reversed, the slag is increased, and the cutting quality is lowered.

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