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Differences and complementarities between flame cutting machine and plasma cnc cutting machine


Flame Cutting Machine and Plasma Cutting Machine 1, different cutting gas, gas, propane, acetylene. Considering practicality and safety, current flame cutting mainly uses propane gas. The plasma cutting gas has argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, air, water vapor, and some mixed gases.

2. Different flame cutting of cutting materials is generally used in the market for cutting and cutting of ordinary steel plates, and plasma cutting is used in many types of metal cutting materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum plates, manganese steel plates, and the like.

gantry cnc cutting machine

In addition to these, most of us know, what is the difference between him, the key point is that the scope of CNC flame Cutting Machine, CNC flame cutting machine is mainly used to cut the thickness of ordinary carbon steel 6mm-180mm workpiece. Then the workpiece with a thickness of 0.1mm-5mm has a hot deformation, so this time you have to consider buying a Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine, then the cutting range of the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine: CNC plasma cutting machine can be used for ordinary Carbon steel and flame cutting machines can not cut non-ferrous metals (such as: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.), mainly because the flame cutting can not oxidize the surface of the non-ferrous metal, can not complete the cutting, but the groove is not obvious when the plasma is cut (such as workpieces below 5mm), so the thicker the workpiece, the larger the groove is. This is based on the selection of plasma power supply. (The domestic plasma power supply and the imported plasma power supply are different. The general machine plasma power supply and fine plasma power supply have The difference), and the slag, the burr is not the same. Buluoer's gantry-type flame plasma cutting machine combines flame and plasma cutting, which not only saves costs, but also saves space, killing two birds with one stone.


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